What to Expect

An initial naturopathic visit is approximately 60 minutes while follow-ups are 30 minutes. Healing is often a journey. As NDs, we do not simply stabilize you, we help you get better. One or two visits are usually not enough to untangle the web of pathology surrounding a symptom picture. Often it takes time to develop in illness, so it will take time to unravel the cause and truly heal. Treatment plans are different for each person and the time it takes to achieve optimal wellness is up to you. 

The initial visit includes:

1. Review of intake forms, analysis of past lab work, imaging, and any chart notes provided

2. Thorough review of personal, family, and medical history

3. Review of pharmaceuticals and supplements you are currently taking

4. Appropriate physical exams

5. Detailed explanation of the analysis and approach to your case

6. Individualized lifestyle recommendations and treatment plan

Follow-Up Visits Include:

1.  Assessing treatment plans and determining what worked and what was a challenge

2. Developing a sense of how your symptoms relate to each other and the underlying cause

3. Assisting you on your healing journey

4. Begin the process of unraveling the symptom pictures and optimizing your body's ability to handle the stressors in the world in a balanced way

As a part of the visits, Dr. Nelson will:

1. Understand your health goals.

2. Take the time to listen to you and begin to know you as a person 

3. Discuss how health fits into your life 

4. Find out the issues which possibly inhibit healthy habits for you

5. Create a partnership with you to help you achieve your best