"Dr. Nelson has treated my husband's diabetes and cardiac issues and my GI issues related to gluten & lactose allergies for several years. She has worked with our regular family MD to help us move toward wellness. We have been able to make use less pharmaceutical drugs and experience more natural healing through herbs and diet. Dr. Nelson's knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind is extremely valuable as a Naturopathic Doctor. She understands the body/mind at the cell level and  is able to recommend natural treatments and inform the patient why. Having a Naturopathic Doctor who has a deep knowledge in science is invaluable to patients. I have been able to cut out all my pharmaceutical medications, but more importantly - I feel better than I have for years. My husband has been able to heal from the results of diabetes and has been able to cut down on his medications. Dr. Nelson also has a practice in equine therapy. I have observed Dr. Nelson use her ability to help clients heal emotionally and physically using equine therapy. I discovered that she is different than the normal equine therapy that we might think of today...she uses her medical knowledge, along with her knowledge of the human/horse connection to work on the patient's mental and physical needs. She does wonderful work, especially with families who truly want to heal their relationships or with individuals who want to understand their core. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson." --G.J., Burlington, KS


"I initially decided to visit Dr. Nelson to help me through a difficult time in my life.  I was depressed, despondent and needed to make some big decisions and life changes.  I knew that I wanted therapy but I had not seen a lot of results with traditional psychotherapy so I decided to try something different.  I was not sure what to expect from my first session.  I experienced a lot of anxiety and pressure in therapy sessions in the past because it isn’t easy for me to talk about myself.  I found that energy work was a very natural and effortless way for me to open up and discover things about myself.  My biggest problem was that I felt really “stuck” in my life and didn’t see any hope but after my first session I was able to see some patterns and obstacles that were no longer useful to me and let go of them.  Since my first visit I have also consulted with Dr. Nelson for medical advice about some longstanding health concerns I’ve had such as insomnia and abdominal pain.   She has prescribed me herbs and homeopathic remedies that have been helpful for the insomnia and also suggested castor oil packs which have made the abdominal pain subside quite a bit.  I really can’t recommend Dr. Nelson enough for anyone who is either seeking some clarity in their lives." --A.F., San Francisco, CA


"Dr. Nelson has really helped me get to the root of my hypothyroidism. After I went on my medication, I still felt tired and down. The only thing my MD suggested was going on antidepressants, but I knew that was not what was going on in my body. Dr. Nelson and I have worked to address my adrenal glands and that made a huge difference in how I feel. She is careful not to merely treat a test result, but to actually address me as a person. I highly recommend Dr. Nelson." --Z.B., Santa Clarita, CA