Stressed Out? Saddle Up!

Enjoy yourself! Stress management with the help of our equine friends is a powerful lesson. 

Enjoy yourself! Stress management with the help of our equine friends is a powerful lesson. 

Stress is used as an excuse for many things - poor health, bad behavior, harmful choices. Stress can receive convenient blame, however, how we choose to manage this feeling is completely within our free will. When we learn new healthy ways to handle things, inner strength and balance can emerge in our lives. Coping with stress using skills that better serve us vastly impacts health. With tools in place to help you handle anything, stress loses its power in your life. 

Working with horses is an amazing way to develop these new tools. By handling these amazing animals, you can experience something different, learn new things about yourself, and get out of your usual element to discover the ways you have been handling and harboring stress in your life. Horses offer a unique, nonjudgmental, honest viewpoint for their interaction with you. When we are open to learning, this information can be transformative. 

I first started working with the ideas of horse gentling or "horse whispering" over twenty years ago.  Throughout this time living with, training, rehabilitating and healing horses I have come to understand their connection with us. Whenever I was helping the process of transforming horses, I have come to appreciate that they were actually healing me. 

Equine Therapy in my practice involves collaboration with a therapeutic riding barn called Straightening Reins ( in Canyon Country as well as Saffyre Sanctuary ( in Pasadena. Through their adjunct programs, we can work with their horses at their facility. In addition, at a private barn, I work with three of my private horses who have been helping people process emotions for many years. A visit here involves a series of groundwork lessons geared at exploring and developing the relationship with the horses. As growth occurs, riding these horses becomes possible.