Equine Therapy


Horse trainer Buck Brannaman once said, “Horses are incredibly forgiving. They fill in places we’re not capable of filling ourselves.” Healing With Horses is program developed through the naturopathic practice of Dr. Amy Nelson, ND.

It utilizes an awareness with horses to interpret human behavior and interactions. Aspects and language of the equine herd, horse psychology and mindfulness, as well as the connection between horse and human elucidate concepts to create a profound discovery for people. Each experience is unique, and sessions are tailored to address backgrounds, goals and needs.

Horses have keen energy awareness capabilities and often reflect the energy they sense. When a human interacts with a horse, core issues are often detected. Through body language and grounding, horses convey this information. Living in the moment, horses are energy vessels for humans allowing us to see and understand in a different way.

Horses sense and observe the world uniquely and through this perspective, learning can occur.

People come with the lessons they need, whether it be surfacing old habits, finding new courage, or understanding a situation from a different way. Horses provide unique opportunities for growing and observing. 

Dr. Nelson has utilized the Healing With Horses program as a counseling tool for for families, individuals, and workplace and organizational groups.