Equine Therapy in my practice involves collaboration with a therapeutic riding barn called Straightening Reins (www.srdstraighteningreins.org) in Canyon Country as well as Saffyre Sanctuary (http://www.saffyresanctuary.org) in Pasadena. Through their adjunct programs, we can work with their horses at their facility. In addition, at a private barn in Agua Dulce, I work with three of my own horses who have been helping people process emotions for many years. A visit here involves a series of groundwork lessons geared at exploring and developing the relationship with the horses. As growth occurs, riding these horses becomes possible. 

Meet My Assistants:


Lilac  - A Quarter Horse Thoroughbred cross, Lilac's Thoroughbred blood lines are of the Bold Ruler lineage. Bold Ruler was a famous racehorse (known mostly as Secretariat's sire). In the herd, Lilac is the alpha horse who runs a very tight ship. She is direct, confident, and posses the nerve it takes to lead a herd out of danger to safety. Working with Lilac unlocks an individual's certainty, confidence, self-trust and power. 

Taxi headshot.jpeg

Taxi - Taxi is a Quarter Horse mare who has been with me for over 20 years. She is a mare who is Vertigo's mother and is a very nurturing soul. Taxi is a kind and delicate horse who helps us get in touch with our sensitive understanding. Taxi is reserved, quiet, and nurturing, she helps people understand their fears in gentle ways and is cognizant of shyness. Having been a riding horse for decades, Taxi is highly educated in the areas of dressage and hunt seat. 

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Vertigo - Vertigo is a Holsteiner cross who loves to have fun. As a Holsteiner, he is a big and elegant mover who loves to jump. Not always the bravest horse, he learned that through play he could build his confidence. In the pasture, he will get games going with anyone who wishes to play, even llamas! If it isn't fun, Vertigo is not going to be into the activity. Vertigo helps us lighten up and understand that work must include play as a major stress coping skill. 


Sparrow - Sparrow is a handsome Thoroughbred who began his life in the racing. Having raced until he was seven years old, he was passed around to various owners until I was contacted to pick him up because he was "crazy." Sparrow was very misunderstood and through his healing process he has proven that he is a charismatic, loving horse who, despite having many reasons to never have faith in humans again, he has learned to forgive and trust. Currently, Sparrow is recuperating in a 20 acre pasture and he will soon join Taxi, Vertigo, and Lilac in the practice.