The Unique You; Anxiety and Depression are Not One-Size-Fits-All


There is no owner's manual for the human body. But, through observing healthy individuals (including animals) we can apply practices which help us thrive. My approach to healing involves understanding the balance of nature and the nature of balance. 

Anxiety and depression are two conditions I have been studying for years. As I worked in a psychiatric hospital, I was concerned with the vast combinations of medications prescribed to hide symptoms. With anxiety and depression, often one drug is prescribed, and then another and another, and then a drug for the side-effects of the first drug, and on and on… I did not witness a lot of what I considered true healing; people learning how to live, eat, and cope independent of drugs. I saw a lot of dependence on medications.

Conversely, I have also seen the miracle of a medication when it is used with discretion. That is the point, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to medication. Medicine is not fashion. What works for one person, may work for you, but it may not. That is why you need to be guided by a practitioner who can assess your case, present you with unfiltered, unbiased information so you can make the best health decisions. 

Managing mood involves much more than psychiatric drugs. Humans have vast emotions and are deep thinkers. We often lose our coping skills in our faced-paced, high-stress, artificial world. At the very start of it all is assessing diet and digestion, habits of daily living, and understanding what makes you thrive. 

We live in a world which likes to sell us things, including supplements, medications, and quick-fixes. Marketing strategies are designed to promote increased sales. Especially when faced with the vulnerability of illness, don't be fooled by advertising which hooks you. You are unique in this world, there is no one else like you. Know that treatment for your anxiety or depression should also be unique.