Dr. Amy Nelson is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the state of California. She attended medical school at the National College of Natural Medicine where she studied herbal, homeopathic, hydrotherapy, and lifestyle and nutritional approaches to family medicine. She completed an internship with Dr. Dickson Thom, an expert ND in Biotherapeutic Drainage, a concept of understanding imbalances in organ systems to re-establish wellness and address disease. In addition, Dr. Nelson was an Associate at The IBS Treatment Center in Santa Monica for one year, where she studied irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Missouri, Dr. Nelson worked as a chemist at a nuclear power plant. She was called to pursue medicine while recognizing the impact of lifestyle on many of her co-workers. She observed, “People would work their whole lives, give everything, only to retire into illness.”

She obtained another Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Rocky Mountain College in Montana and it was here she began her work in psychiatric care. She was introduced to naturopathic medicine by patients in a psychiatric hospital who were doing well. “I was seeing a clear difference in managing illness with medication cocktails and seeing patients flourish. Illness is often a puzzle with many aspects, all of which need attention.”

In addition to Naturopathic Medicine training, Dr. Nelson utilizes equine therapy to aid in mental emotional work in her family practice. Horses have been a main influence in Dr. Nelson’s life. She began training young horses when she was twelve years old and now has over twenty years learning from these amazing animals. She has re-schooled and rehabilitated abused horses, started young fillies and colts under saddle, and trained to advanced levels. Dr. Nelson observes, “To work with horses, you must be honest, trustworthy, and safe. It is much like working with people.” 

Dr. Nelson’s strong science, psychiatric, and naturopathic backgrounds are combined with her lifetime experience with the equine world. “I am here to help people with the discovery of ourselves. Health is not found in a bottle. We must work to find causes to illness and imbalances so that we can optimize our ability to self-heal. To me, true health exists when someone understands their body and can recognize their needs. True health is freedom to be you.”